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Important statement regarding the planning permission for the Home Office (Serco) asylum Centre at the former University accommodation buildings.

The Beaconside Group is a UK company based on the site of the old University.


The Beaconside Group leases some of the land and buildings on the 45 acre site from the landowners owners Pan America Asia Ltd, incorporated in Hong Kong of Unit 2605,

Island  Place  Tower,  510  King’s  Road,  North  Point  Hong Kong, Specifically the Business Village & Conference Centre on the west side of Weston Road, and the Sports Centre and football pitches on the east side)

The Beaconside Group does not own or lease the accommodation buildings.


We are aware that the landowners are working with the Home Office (Serco) on the proposed centre at The former university accommodation buildings 

We understand that whilst planning permission has been approved, there is currently no formal agreement between the landowners and the Home Office (Serco) with regard to the accommodation buildings


In the event that in the future, the asylum centre did go ahead, the Beaconside Group would:

Work with the landowners and the Home Office to ensure that the site is self-contained and secure, and any potential impact on our businesses, customers or staff is minimised.

not in any way benefit financially from the letting of the accommodation buildings by the landowners to the Home Office (Serco)

We are also aware that the landowners have plans to develop the site with the introduction of well-known retail and service brands to replace other unused land and buildings


Our Businesses

Beaconside Business Village and Conference Centre

Beaconside Gym

Stafford Soccer Centre


Having built successful and market leading businesses, we are committed to continuing to grow our businesses with our customers and staff and suppliers at the heart of everything that we do.

We are excited that the retail and service developments planned by the landowners will improve the area by replacing old unused buildings with well-known brands for the benefit of the local community and passers by


Further questions or queries

Any questions or queries regarding the proposed asylum centre should be directed to the landowners at the address given above.

Any questions or queries regarding our businesses should be directed through contact pages on our websites

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